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SUP Electric Pump

We are manufacturer of SUP electric pump, we supply wholesale SUP electric pump with factory price, also, we provide OEM service.

Our SUP electric pump equipped with dual motor for quick inflation and deflation, used for most inflatable like SUP, kayaks, balls, airbeds, and tires, relieves you of the worry often associated with inflating a paddleboard, let you reduce the waiting time required when inflating your paddleboard.

Our SUP electric pump with wide applications, lightweight and compact, super speed and low noise.

Ultra-inflation Technology(TM):

Airphant’s in-house developed inflator core automatically works with the blower and high-pressure pump to achieve an effective inflation pressure of 20psi quickly and consistently, and at 30% faster than older pumps

SUP Electric Pump for Sale

B33 SUP electric Pump

B33 SUP Electric Pump

The B33 SUP electric pump is compatible with 180W and dual motor for simultaneous inflation and deflation. this ultrastrong air pump is suitable for continuous operations.
With DC 12V configuration, it can be connected to a cigar lighter for power supply; pressure range: 1 – 100Psi/6.9Bar. Equipped with 5 nozzle accessories, it can be used for most inflatable like SUP, kayaks, balls, airbeds, and tyres.

We offer OEM service for this SUP pump.

B93 SUP Electric Pump

The B93 is our latest high-performance SUP pump with fashion design. It is equipped with our newly developed Ultra-inflation Technology(TM), which increases the inflation speed by 30%. This SUP pump is optionally available with 3 x 4000mah lithium batteries, which can be used for 28-30 minutes of continuous inflation and can be used to fill up to three 10’6″ SUPs. This pump is also ideal for inflating tents.

We offer OEM service for this SUP pump.

B95 SUP electric pump

B95 SUP Electric Pump

The B95 SUP Electric Pump offers the same performance as the B93, but with a different appearance design. It is equipped with our newly developed Ultra-inflation Technology(TM), which increases the inflation speed by 30%. This SUP pump is optionally available with 3 x 4000mah lithium batteries, which can be used for 28-30 minutes of continuous inflation and can be used to fill up to three 10’6″ SUPs. This pump is also ideal for inflating tents.

We offer OEM service for this SUP pump.

Features and Advantages

SUP Pump - Lightweight and compact

Lightweight and compact

 means you can carry your SUP electric pump anywhere and at any time, while the reverse is the case for pumps with massive weights and irregular shapes. This challenge can sometimes make transporting your pump to the beach difficult, as it’s the place most people prefer to pump their paddleboards.  

Super speed

lets you reduce the waiting time required when inflating your paddleboard. Think of this feature as a psychological advantage because it eliminates the frustrations of watching other paddleboarders having fun while you slave away pumping your paddleboard. 

SUP pump - Super speed
SUP pump with auto off function

Auto shut-off

enables your pump to ascertain the optimum pressure required for a paddleboard automatically. Automation as an advantage relieves you of the worry often associated with inflating a paddleboard.

Low noise

 is a feature that ensures that you are not causing any nuisance to the environment or to other paddle boarders who are also there to have some fun. The higher the pump’s noise, the higher is its nuisance factor, and the less fun you and others might have.

low noise SUP pump
Complete adaptability of SUP Pump

Complete adaptability

gives you the confidence that you are good to go no matter the situation you might find yourself in. For instance, most SUP pumps have only one hose adaptor with a particular diameter. There is always a problem once the diameter of the paddleboard hose changes.

Variety in use

will allow your SUP electric pump to cater to other air-pumping needs that might not be related to the paddleboard. Other accessories like floaters, beach softballs, and inflatable jackets can benefit from having a SUP pump around at the beach. 

Variety in use of SUP pump
SUP pump - Super speed

Eco-friendly and test-approved

ensures that the SUP electric pump is not a threat to the environment because of the material properties or maintenance products.

Long service life

guarantees that your SUP pump will be in good shape without starting to make budgets for another one.

SUP electric pump

Reliable and Customized Manufacturing

New Ideas

Airephant always raised innovative ideas to customers to build up its high-class competition place.

Product Development

Fast development speed with samples ready in two weeks’ time. The skilled engineering enables customers to have a dependable production for mass production.

Competitive Prices

To offer economical prices, Airephant takes enormous efforts in cost-saving, process upgrading, and supplier tracking. 

Customized Service

Supply a customized service plus specific service of tooling, prototyping, sampling, manufacturing, aftersales for specific customers.

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FAQ of SUP Electric Pump

Imagine you spend a fortune on a pump that offers to help you inflate your paddleboard without hassle, only for the pump to break down after maybe two uses. 

The feelings of regret and frustration are often so great that it is always best to understand the essential criteria you should consider before opening your wallet. 

What is a SUP Electric Pump?

SUP Electric pumps inflate paddle boards based on their unique pressure requirements. 

SUPs require a precise amount of pressure at a specified pump rate. Overinflation or underinflation might occur when using other types of electric pumps as these requirements are often missing.

The SUP electric is, in most cases, programmable and allows you to set the required pressure. Once the SUP pump achieves this pressure, it automatically shuts down, leaving no room for overinflation.

Another unique thing peculiar with the SUP pump is the stepwise rate at which it pumps the paddleboard. It often begins with high pressure to circulate the air within the paddleboard and then finishes it off with low pressure to even out the creases until it reaches the required pressure. 

Do you Really Need a SUP Electric Pump?

Inflating a paddleboard with the right amount of pressure at the right pumping rate is often the critical reason for requiring a SUP electric pump for a paddleboard. However, this is not the only thing that a SUP pump does.

While packing your paddleboard, you’ll usually want to deflate it properly, ensuring no air bubbles remain in the paddleboards. The total absence of air in the paddleboard helps you fold it properly, ensuring it doesn’t take up more space than it should.

The SUP electric pump helps you to deflate your paddle board properly, making sure to remove every bubble air in it. Other types of electric pumps only inflate and not deflate expandable objects. 

Electric Pump vs. Manual Pump

There are numerous differences between manual and electric pumps, which often define the advantages and disadvantages of each type of pump.

The manual pump usually requires a lot of effort to inflate the paddleboards, and it takes a longer time than the electric pump. Even if you need to build your biceps, the manual pump can leave you exhausted before you even begin the real thing – board paddling. 

On the other hand, the electric pump takes minimal effort in setting the required pressure, after which you only need to standby for a few minutes before your board achieves full inflation.

One thing that separates the electric pump from the manual pump is its efficiency, as it ensures there is no underinflation, which is sometimes possible with a manual pump. 

What to Look for When Buying SUP Electric Pumps?

◉ Valve Compatibility

This factor is perhaps the first thing to check before opening your wallet to purchase any SUP pump. The reason is that an incompatible valve does not allow any form of inflation for your SUP.

Paddleboards come with different valve types, and it is always good to note the model and size of your paddleboard valve.

Some of the popular valves often found in most SUPs include H3 valves, Bravo valves, and Halkey-Roberts valves.

Yet, other unique valves are not so common, which might require you to get an adaptor. Still, knowing the valve type on your SUP will inform the type of adapter you should buy.


◉ Efficiency and Deflation

The inflation efficiency for a SUP electric pump is an important consideration you should note before purchasing one. 

The ability to achieve the desired pressure and the time it takes, and the SUP’s firmness after inflation are all critical indicators of the efficiency of the SUP pump.

Also, the ability to completely deflate a SUP is as important as the efficiency of the pump. A good SUP electric pump deflates a SUP, leaving no air bubble in it. 

The inability of a SUP electric pump to properly deflate your paddleboard is an indication of its inefficiency. 

With such inadequacies, it’s only a short while before the inflation capacity of the pump begins to dwindle. 


◉ Power Source

Most SUP electric pumps are portable due to the outdoor nature of paddleboard activities which requires that the source of power be portable.

However, the intensity and the duration of this portable power source can affect the efficiency of the SUP electric pump. If the voltage required for the electric pump is higher than that of the power source, then the pump might not even start.

Again, the power source must hold its charge long enough to power the electric pump for total paddleboard inflation. If the power source loses its charge in the middle of paddle board inflation, it might render the paddleboard useless.


◉ Price

The SUP electric pump price is another critical consideration for a would-be pump owner. It is best to exempt pumps with additional features that do not enhance the effectiveness of the pump. These other features are often the cause of the high cost of purchase. 

Consider the prices of a range of SUP electric pumps with essential pump features and choose the one with the most compelling features at a reasonable price. 


◉ Pressure Gauge & Auto Shut-off

Indicators that show vital parameters are a crucial consideration when choosing a SUP electric pump. One of these parameters is the pressure that is entering the paddleboard as the pump is working. An excellent electric pump should have a pressure gauge that indicates the pressure and the pressure rate going into the paddleboard.

Still, automatic shut-off, which is a safety and quality feature, ensures that the proper pressure goes into the paddleboard. It also ensures that no overinflation can lead to explosive damage to the paddleboard. This explosive damage can sometimes cause harm to other humans around. 


◉ Pressure Range

Identifying the pressure range for a SUP electric pump is vital as this guarantees using the correct pump size for pumping the paddleboard.

Neglecting this factor can have serious consequences, as you might end up with an overinflated paddle board if the pressure range is higher than the designed pressure range. In the case of a lower pressure range, an underinflated SUP is the result.


◉ Optional Extras to Consider

Some options and extra accessories can come in handy for peculiar situations that need some level of adaptability. 

In some cases where the pump hose is either too small or too large for the paddleboard, hose adapters are good options to make them fit. 

These adapters ensure that the pump hose fits tightly to avoid losing air while inflating the SUP.

Other useful options include long extension cables that ensure that pumps can connect to power sources that are a bit distant from the point where the paddleboard inflation occurs. 

Still, other extras can include heat sensors to detect overheating of the pump and auto cooling fans to start the cooling fans automatically in case of overheating. 

How to Use an Electric SUP Pump?

Setting up a SUP electric pump for use shouldn’t be difficult once you can identify the constituent parts needed to inflate the paddleboard. 

These parts are the cable to connect to a power source to charge the battery if required, the nozzle from the pump, the connecting valve, and the power button.

Once you connect the valve to the paddleboard, set the required pressure to inflate the paddleboard adequately. Press the start button, and the inflation is underway.

It generally takes between 8 to 10 minutes to inflate an average paddleboard. However, some paddle boards take less time to inflate since some pumps have super-fast inflation speed. 

Important Safety Tips for Using Electric SUP Pump

There are essential steps you need to take during the usage of your SUP electric pump to ensure that your pump lasts for a very long time and to ensure the safety of users.

  • Watch out for Overheating

Electric SUP pumps tend to overheat if they are used continuously over a long period. 

It is best to switch off the pump after continuous use of not more than 15 minutes. Some pumps come with automatic cooling fans that kick in once the heat sensor detects high temperature during use. 

  • Check for the Nozzle Connection

The connection nozzle can disengage from the paddleboard valve if it is not properly locked in. This inadequate connection can lead to air leakage during inflation, causing inefficiency in the pump operation.

Ensure that the nozzles are locked in properly using the right locking accessories to avoid wasting time and energy while inflating the paddleboard. The SUP electric pump can also start overheating when it has been in use for longer than required. 

  • Protect Your Pump from Dirt

Dust, dirt, and debris can hamper the smooth workings of the SUP electric pump once they’ve found their way into the pump. 

Since most paddleboards function around sandy areas like the beach, it follows that they will be susceptible to the ingress of dirt and sand. You can use protective accessories to shield the pump from accumulating dirt while inflating. 

Also, make sure that you store the pump in a dry place free from dust and dirt. 

  • Avoid Water or Wet Places

Another dangerous element for your paddleboard is the ingress of water into the internal components of the SUP electric pump. The electrical components can be easily damaged once exposed to water. Seeing that water at the beach can easily find its way into the pump, it is advisable to get waterproof accessories that can shield the pump from water while in operation. It is also best to pump in a dry space when not in use. 

  • Lift the Air Valve First

Lifting the air valve is the first and most crucial step when inflating your paddleboard, as this ensures that air flows into the SUP without escaping. 

Failure to lift the air valve only ensures that the air does not get into the paddleboard, leading to overheating for the pump. 

SUP Electric Pump: FAQs

The best electric pump for a SUP has the major functions that make inflating a SUP very easy and effective. These functions include super-fast inflation, automatic stop at the required pressure, dual power source, and high portability. 

Other functions include high compatibility, automatic cooling, and lightweight. These functions enhance the efficiency of the SUP electric pump, which makes an excellent SUP pump. 

There are various sizes and nozzle diameters for different SUP electric pumps tailored to specific SUPs. However, SUP pumps have multiple adapters to adapt their nozzle size to fit just about any paddleboard. These adapters make these types of pumps almost universal and generally fit for use on nearly every paddleboard. 

Most paddleboards often pump their paddleboards to between 10 and 12 PSI. However, these pressure ranges can change quickly based on the weather condition or the objective of the paddle boarder. For instance, in cold weather, the PSI of your paddleboard can be as much as 15 PSI. Also, if the paddleboarder is aiming for more stability, the PSI can quickly go as high as 15 PSI.

When inflating a paddleboard with an electric pump, inflation time can be faster than using a manual pump. However, there is still the problem of overinflation if the electric pump is not a SUP pump. The SUP electric pump ensures that the right amount of pressure enters the paddleboard without underinflation or overinflation. 

On average, it generally takes between 8 to 10 minutes to inflate a SUP fully. However, some SUP electric pumps with a low speed can take up to 12 minutes before a SUP achieves full inflation. However, the size of the paddleboard can be a critical factor when assessing the time it takes to pump a paddleboard. 

Inflating or deflating a Kayak will require an electric pump with kayak-specific requirements. These requirements may include a pressure gauge to confirm the amount of pressure entering the Kayak. It will also need an auto shut-off to ensure that there is no overinflation problem. 

How to Select the Right SUP Electric Pump Manufacturer?

There are very important factors that are best to consider in selecting a suitable manufacturer for your SUP electric pump. These factors ensure that you get both the best manufacturer and the best product.

Competitive Pump Prices

Compare prices from various SUP electric pump manufacturers with compatible features with your requirements. Ensure that you review the manufacturers based on the efficiency of their inflation and not on the extra options that they've added. These additional features can spike up the price quickly.

Customized Manufacturing

Seek out manufacturers that have tailor-made solutions for inflating paddle boards. These manufacturers have customized their SUP electric pumps to deliver the core value of SUP inflation, adding other options based on customer requests.

Strict Quality Control

Quality control is a critical criterion in selecting a SUP electric pump manufacturer, as this ensures that you get the best quality pump. Request necessary quality documents and calibration certificates that show the level of quality compliance of the manufacturer.

Quick Lead Time

A manufacturer with a quick lead time ensures that you get your SUP electric pump in good time after placing your order. Waiting weeks and sometimes even months before receiving your orders can prove disappointing and discouraging.

Customer Support

Customer support is vital in the maintenance periods after purchasing a SUP electric pump. Identify a manufacturer with a consistent track record of quality and responsive after-sales service and customer support. After reading the user manual, you may need to call a manufacturer to understand the workings of a function that is not clear. You don't want to hit a brick wall on the other side of the customer support line. You feel frustrated and helpless with an unresponsive and unsupportive manufacturer.

In the end, it all adds up to this. Ensure that you consider the main factors that will help you choose the best SUP electric pump manufacturer. 

Choosing the right manufacturer also ensures that you get the right product without the need to overspend.

So, please give it a go, make your decision based on fair price comparison with the value provided, including inflation efficiency, power range, and pressure gauge. 

These factors will help you make an informed decision when you are next in the market for a SUP electric pump.