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How To Inflate the SUP in House?

You still enjoy the conveniences of an inflatable paddleboard over the hard one. With an electric inflatable pump, you can always pump up your board before leaving the house.
You still enjoy the conveniences of an inflatable paddleboard over the hard one. The best part is that you can simply throw it in the car trunk, drive off and pump it up on the spot without having to worry about tucking it on the roof.

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What Makes the 2021 Sup Event So Special for the Chinese?

China’s first indoor SUP race kicks off at ISPO in Shanghai on July 3, 2021. Stand-up paddle in China? That’s the instant reaction among many Chinese. But you heard it right. Sam Shen, CMO of Shanghai Easigo Outdoor Equipment, said “Chinese don’t jump right into the water, we’re a bit more reserved here.”

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15 Best Paddle Board Roof Racks You Need to Know

Transferring the SUP board is intimidating. However, it is mandatory if you want to have joy in the water. So, buy SUP (Stand up paddle) board car roof racks to make sure your paddle board is secure and convenient to take with you. However, before proceeding with the discussion of the top 15 roof racks, let us have a glance at several pre-purchase factors listed below

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8 Best Hot-selling SUP Led Lights

Are you a passionate paddler? You should then experience that breathtaking night paddle boarding as well. However, it is quite risky as you cannot see properly in the nighttime. This is where you require SUP LED lights. They can improve your vision during night times as well as attract fishes to your bait.

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SUP Electric Pump Instructions

Many people choose to purchase their own board outright and inflatable stand-up paddleboards (SUPs) are easily accessible thanks to their portability and durability. For this reason, they have become a staple among man paddleboarders; especially those just starting out. However, you will need to inflate your SUP.

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20 Best Places to Go Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Stand-up paddleboarding has increased in popularity over the years and is a great way to have fun while getting some exercise in. It’s accessible to people of all ages and lifestyles which makes it quite appealing. It’s also a great way to take in the beauty of your surroundings.

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3 Ways to Pump a Stand Up Paddle Board

SUP (Stand up paddleboard) can be pumped either manually with your hand or electrically using an electric pump. However, there are three ways to pump up a SUP.
Complete manual hand pumping;
Combination of electric voltage + manual high pressure;
Combination of electric low pressure + electric high pressure

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A Complete Guide to Electric SUP Pump

An electric SUP pump is our number one recommended accessory for all inflatable paddle boarders. An electric pump will inflate your paddleboard just as quickly as a manual pump, but without effort. Electric SUP pumps can also help you finish deflating your iSUP, ensuring that it is completely deflated and ready to pack at the end of the day.

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Are Electric Paddleboard Pumps Universal?

The SUP board or paddleboard (for short) has become widely accepted by the surfing community that almost everyone coming to the beach to surf comes with their SUP board neatly tucked away in their backpack. Nonetheless, there is still a challenge to inflate the board since it is practically useless without pumping it.

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